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Jacquelyn Hollister, INHC, Specializing in Weight Loss

My eCoach clients are women who want to lose weight, but are too overwhelmed, distracted, or busy to make it a priority right now. They are spiritually broken, and want so badly to feel alive again. They need guidance to get their life back in order. They need a plan of action and someone to help them create one as well as help them to stay accountable. They want more out of life, but just don’t know how to go about it. In the midst of all the internal chaos, they are praying for a breakthrough, praying for relief, praying for strength, praying for peace of mind, praying for help.

Introducing a new weight loss approach where weight loss is not the focus, but a by-product. Instead of focusing on diet and exercise, you will focus on getting your life in order. Once your life is in order, that will naturally free up energy and increase your desire to live a healthier life—mentally, emotionally, and physically. Are you ready?  Get start by completing the form below.